Polymer and Acrylic Rendering

Improved Methods

Modern polymer and acrylic rendering mixtures aim to improve upon the traditional cement rendering mixture and method. These mixes are less prone to cracking, and can produce various rendering finishes, patterns, and textures.

Residential rendering

What Is Acrylic Rendering?

Acrylic rendering mixture has the additional component of a plastic called acrylic. This addition to the mixture makes it stronger, more flexible, and in turn less likely to crack. Acrylic rendering comes in a variety of finishes and colours and can be applied both internally and externally to a range of surfaces, such as Dincel structural walls and more.

These include:

Dincel Structural Walling


Pre-Existing Render

Previously Painted Walls and Ceilings




What Is Polymer Rendering?

Polymer rendering mixture was designed to have a higher bonding ability than other rendering mixtures. This mixture is highly adhesive, making it the top choice for tricky jobs. Polymer rendering has the benefit of being waterproof without additional processes applied, making it the ideal mixture to use in areas such as bathrooms and laundries which will be exposed to water. This waterproof aspect also makes it ideal for external house walls as it will be less prone to wear and tear from the elements, but is equally useful for internal wall structures such as Dincel structural walls. Polymer rendering is slightly harder to perform than traditional rendering, so requires experience and expertise.

Polymer rendering mixture is suitable for application to:

Dincel Structural Walling

Cement Blocks

Clay Bricks




Painted Walls

Which Acrylic Rendering and Polymer Rendering Services Do We Offer?

Loui Cement Rendering offers a wide range of rendering services using acrylic rendering and polymer rendering mixtures. These patterns and textures include sandstone, marble, stone, stone chip, lime wash, and clay. We also offer stipple or stucco finishes with our cement rendering service, and can add glistening and water resistant finishes on top.

Polymer wall rendering

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Where You Can Get Our Acrylic Rendering and Polymer Rendering Services

Loui Cement Rendering operates out of our base in Sydney, New South Wales. We travel across the entire Greater Sydney region, including to Gosford, Blacktown, Wollongong, Bowral, and Lithgow.

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