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The traditional art of cement rendering has lasted through the years to become a relied upon aspect of many modern houses. Made up of cement, sand, water, and either lime or clay, a cement rendering mixture can be applied to multiple surfaces. These include rough surfaces including brick, stone, and concrete, or smooth surfaces such as painted walls once they have been properly prepared.

While modern rendering mixtures have their benefits, cement rendering mixture has its own unique advantages. These include being more sustainable, as the use of natural materials makes it more environmentally friendly. It can also be made from its individual parts on-site, reducing waste. Concrete rendering is the most cost-effective rendering option due to its ingredients and ease of application, allowing rendering on very large areas with a smaller budget.

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What Is Cement Rendering?

Cement rendering is the application of a mixture including cement, sand, lime or clay, and water to rough surfaces such as brick, stone, painted walls, or concrete - creating a smooth finish. Cement rendering methods can be used to create various finishes, depending on the thickness of the mixture and how the top layer is applied. Different techniques such as bagging or trowelling the concrete can create different finishes.

Which Cement Rendering Services Do Loui Cement Rendering Offer?

Loui Cement Rendering offers a range of cement rendering services. We have performed cement rendering on a variety of premises, including houses, dental practices, billboards, and on a range of surfaces such as brick, concrete, foam, and Dincel structural walls. We also provide an array of finishes, including using techniques such as bagging, trowelling, and using a sponge to achieve different results. We also offer textured finishes such as stippled or stucco looks.

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From our base in Sydney, New South Wales, we service the entire Greater Sydney including Gosford, Blacktown, Wollongong, Bowral, and Lithgow.

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