What are the benefits of cement rendering?

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Looking for cement rendering services in Sydney?

Cement rendering can help improve the value of your property as well. It’s relatively inexpensive to apply and increases the selling price of your property because buyers usually are looking to purchase homes which have had improvements done.


Adding a coat of cement rendering can add some extra insulation to your property. Cement rendering provides an extra layer protection from changing temperatures. It prevents heat from escaping or entering through the walls, keeping the inside temperature stable. This helps save on energy and utility bills in the long run.


Cement rendering helps to improve the durability of your property’s walls. Outer walls are under constant exposure to the elements: wind, water, and sunlight can erode masonry and cause it to crumble or crack. By applying cement rendering and then paint, you can protect the outside of your property from weathering and keep your walls looking great for years to come.


Cement, lime, and sand are all fairly inexpensive materials. Of all the rendering options available on the market, cement rendering is the most cost effective. If you’re on a budget, cement rendering can cover the outer walls of your building for a relatively low cost.


Cement rendering is most commonly used to improve the appearance of a home or building. If you’re looking to give your masonry a makeover, cement rendering is an excellent and versatile choice. A professional cement renderer can use a variety of techniques and tools like brushes, sponges, and stamps to give the outer walls of your property a superb and unique texture. The colour of the cement render can be changed by adding in an oxide solution while it is being mixed. After the cement render dries, it can easily be painted the colour of your choice as well.


What are the benefits of cement rendering?

Cement rendering is also known as concrete rendering, but both terms refer to the same thing. A cement render is a mixture of three materials: lime, sand, and cement. Each material has a separate function in the cement render:

  • Lime
    In this instance, lime refers to chemical used in construction and not the type you find in your cupboard. The lime is added to the cement render to prevent it from cracking when it dries and hardens up.

  • Sand
    The sand affects the texture of the cement render. Coarser sand is used for undercoat while finer sand is used for the topcoat.

  • Cement
    The cement is the main star of the cement render. The colour of the cement will affect the colour of the cement render. A lighter coloured cement will result in a lighter coloured cement render while a darker cement will result in a darker cement render.

After it is mixed, the cement render can be applied to a range of masonry surfaces including brick, stone, concrete blocks, and more.

What exactly is cement rendering?

Cement rendering is a common exterior finishing technique used to improve the appearance of walls and buildings made from materials like brick, stone, and mud. Cement rendering has been performed since ancient times and continues to be a popular wall finish today. Chances are that you’ve almost certainly seen a building that features cement rendering. But what exactly is cement rendering and what are its benefits? Find out right here.

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